. from ‘whether I am’ to ‘I am’ | all that she is .

Hey there beautiful souls! Here I am with a new writing. This is about a girl unfolding herself into something meaningful and beautiful. This is about a girl with a deeper level of consciousness of who she is and who she used to be. This is about a girl figuring her way out of the … More . from ‘whether I am’ to ‘I am’ | all that she is .


.nowhere to get, nothing to be | already there, already it.

Hey there beautiful people, I am here with yet another writing in conjunction with my daily teachings page. Here’s a collection of 15 excerpts from people whose works I have been following and reflecting upon greatly on my own journey. These are like little reminders which are close to my heart and I hope you … More .nowhere to get, nothing to be | already there, already it.

.daily teachings…

Hey there beautiful people! Hope you all are doing well and good. I have introduced a new page ‘DAILY QUOTES’ on my blog about daily teachings that keep me inspired everyday. It is a collection of 31 thoughts, and each one holds an important self learning for me. You can find it on my homepage … More .daily teachings…

. l i g h t . c o l o r . a c t i o n .

Hey y’all!😊 Back with some . light . color . action …..here are few pictures which hopefully captured the nature at its unmatched and untamed blooming beauty…🍃🍂 Nature + Photography is a story without any words…it’s not what it looks like but more of what it feels like…😮it captures souls and just holds that very moment still which is … More . l i g h t . c o l o r . a c t i o n .

.blooming steps.

Hey y’all!😊 Here is my new watercolor doddle. 💛🎨As the name suggests, such a beautiful idea for taking the lawn steps design, a notch higher with these blooming beauties.🌾🌺🌻🌼🌸 A glimpse of my sketchbook…making the idea come alive…step by step…slowly and steadly…💛   Hope you like the stepped beauty! Share your views & more artworks … More .blooming steps.

. w a n d e r i n g . m i n d .

Hey people!!!😊🙂👀 ✍🏻️It’s been a while, I haven’t been writing much for my blog…Busy forming up ideas with… …a wandering mind…dreaming…probably finding peace within…😇…This time, as always, I am Obsessed with Colors and more colors…just like a box brimful of everything Colorful… Doing my everyday watercolor practice…I thought to spread some inspiration through my everday artworks combined … More . w a n d e r i n g . m i n d .