.what’s in a moment.

Hi there!

Hope everyone’s doing well. I am here with a new post after a long long break (well not exactly). All this time, it feels as if I have just been waiting for the very moment when I  become so so eager to put all my wandering thoughts here after all.

Today this post is for the moment when I am writing both my mind and heart out, while recalling the moments which left me wondering and wandering more often. I may get off the track sometimes (okay quite often), of where I started and what exactly I want to convey, so it’s a humble request to all my readers to bear with me and not feel confused while reading it (thanks & don’t worry it’s a short one). So here I go on a bumpy ride in my thought world.

Very well it’s as simple as the tales which I guess I remember completely from my childhood times. Also a strange first poem (believe me I am an awful poet), though it was just an innocent try of me learning to communicate to this harsh world full of so many ignorant human beings. Aaagh! it was like the most overpowering thing I felt for the first time. As far as I remember, the poem was about friendship and doves (I already said I am an awful poet). Never mind, everyone have bad days but who doesn’t like doves. Aah! their majestic and beautiful wings, reminds me of the movie Maleficent, ooh! those enormous & mystic wings left me wondering, I wish if I could fly free as a bird, with a swish like a fairy.

Okay so I was saying something about the harsh world (umm! not completely), the reality of going through hard times when everything feels so dark and opposed to oneself and we may be questioning ones own being. Oh! so much to take for this little mind and heart. Well in the end it’s not that bad after all, it’s the intent of keep smiling and letting go that keeps us going right. After all it’s not the world which seems harsh at times but our perspective of how we perceive it, what we appreciate or disregard in our surroundings and also how we judge things. If we could just realize of what we give importance to, the negativity which is easy to absorb or to see the brighter side of everything possible. At first it may be a little tough of a task, but the easiest way to start is to make sure to Smile and Smile more everyday, every hour (ha! if possible) and to see through all the worries in the world for what you have learnt from your day. What I have realized, it is best to travel around and write the thoughts down or paint (maybe like i do watercolor paintings at times) or just doodle to express and let go of the fear, anger, sadness trapped inside of the jumbled thoughts.

So this moment is about you, it’s the moment of truth, moment of silence, moment of clarity, moment of self- realization, moment of happiness, moment of change, moment of rising up and above all your insecurities. Be happy for the moment as the journey is never ending… It’s not about waiting for the perfect moment, instead take the moment and make it a perfect one!


for blog1 - Copy.jpg

Live the moment!

In case it’s a miserable one let’s have cupcakes,

and keep making a collection of jolly good moments.


Another innocent try on writing for the moment. Will be writing more in my upcoming posts. I hope you have a great day!

Share your thoughts here! Until next time…




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