. l i g h t . c o l o r . a c t i o n .

Hey y’all!😊

Back with some . light . color . action …..here are few pictures which hopefully captured the nature at its unmatched and untamed blooming beauty…🍃🍂

Nature + Photography is a story without any words…it’s not what it looks like but more of what it feels like…😮it captures souls and just holds that very moment still which is close to the heart and becomes a memory forever and ever…it captures the silence…🌾 it takes me to my little dreamland where I think and wander more often…embrace the nature…and never stop to explore…💛

FullSizeRender (6)
.heaven’s within.

There is something magical about all things nature… just made a wish…🍀


FullSizeRender (3)
.cotton candy.

Doesn’t this one look like a sky full of yummy cotton candy…😋…always thinking food…☁️☁️😛

.those rays.

Wow! just take me along those rays of sunlight…wish I could climb these clouds…🌥

.falling leaves.

I adore such long walks in the wilderness… want to go back to this one…cold breeze and falling leaves…relishing every moment…❤️


.monsoon magic.

I can be a happy and jumping rabbit afterall…rain just makes everyting so beautiful…☂️🐰

.floating beauty.

Or a little singing bird in rain…🌈

.soft color & sand.

Aww! this one looks fragile…but look at the colour and texture…can’t put my designer’s eye on rest for a while…🙈

.blooming scoop.

Caption…after eating all those yummy scoops of ice-cream…this is what I got…😛🍦🍦🍦

.spot the frog.

Oh! this one’s just for fun…we were actually spotting these tiny frogs in the zoo…as small as a coin…🐸

Hope you enjoyed browsing these pictures…will be back with few more soon…Taking my camera for sure wherever I go from now on…still haven’t found what I am looking for…🙂

Until next time…keep clicking, relish every moment and enjoy making memories…




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