daily teachings…

Whosoever is reading this. Don’t forget to smile today. And you look happier! Yes you do!

Day 01 — Change your thoughts & you change your world! Your thoughts become things.

Day 02 — You can’t be anything you want, but you can be Everything You Are!

Day 03 — ‘Finding yourself’ is actually returning to yourself. An unlearning, an excavation, a remembering who you were before the world got its hands on you.

Day 04 — Not everyone can feel things as deeply as you. Most people, their feelings are… bland, tasteless. They will never understand what it’s like to read a poem and feel almost like they are flying or to see a bleeding fish and feel grief that shatters their heart.

Day 05 — There is always something to be grateful for everyday.

Day 06 — And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane, by those who could not hear the music.

Day 07 — I only plant positive seeds in the world today. I do not waste one precious moment in anger, hatred or envy.

Day 08 — Abundance is a mindset. I am surrounded by it and it flows to me freely.

Day 09 — Give yourself the love you seek and the universe will send you people to match it.

Day 10 — Be such a beautiful soul that people crave your vibes.

Day 11 — Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people.

Day 12 — What we think, we become! Think positivity, love and gratitude.

Day 13 — The things that excite you are not random. They are connected to your purpose.

Day 14 — You are magic. Don’t ever apologize for the fire that is in you.

Day 15 — Fill your life with adventures, not things. Travel the world, for it fills your soul with all the magic, so you have stories to tell not stuff to show.

Day 16 — Choose, everyday to forgive yourself. You are human, flawed and most of all worthy of love.

Day 17 — Don’t go back to less just because you are too impatient to wait for better.

Day 18 — You are too good to keep wondering if you’re good enough.

Day 19 — On the other side of the clouds is a bright blue sky.

Day 20 — Keep your eyes lifted high upon the sun and you will see the best light in everyone.

Day 21 — You will be amazed at what you attract after you start believing in what you deserve.

Day 22 — Whatever makes you feel the sun from the inside out, chase that.

Day 23 — You feel unsettled because you know you are meant for more.

Day 24 — Why else are we here if not to live with unreasonable passion for things.

Day 25 — I have an infinite number of reasons to be happy.

Day 26 — Decide what kind of life you actually want. Then say ‘no’ to everything that isn’t that.

Day 27 — If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down.

Day 28 — You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.

Day 29 — Your potential to succeed is infinite. You are unlimited.

Day 30 — We have the power to create the life we desire.

Day 31 — Hey, you. You are loved fully and completely, no matter what others say.

What inspires you? Feel free to share your thoughts here.


Preeti @katdesigndiary

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