. m i n i a r t .


Bello tornare con una nuova storia e un po ‘d’arte.😉

(good to be back with a new story and some art)

Lately, I have started learning a new language. 😀It is both fascinating and engaging to be able to study another language. Any guesses before reading forward? Yes! it’s Italian ⭐️and so far it’s been a lot of fun. Though, it is still taking me ages to remember and use the Italian grammar correctly. 🙈It was hard at the beginning too, literally everything going over my head on the very first day of class. After couple of days I was able to grasp, probably at least the basic words which I used almost everyday while commuting from my home to work, while exploring the city culture itself and while ordering food & my favorite Gelato 😋of all time. I will be sharing my Italy experience in the upcoming posts, hopefully in Italian too. For now, here I have some ‘Waste to Art’ mini watercolor artworks which are 2.5″ by 3.5″ in size.

I have this pile of waste papers which I often use for rough drawings. So, thought of brushing up my painting skills on them in form of mini artworks, instead of just throwing them away. These little ones are focused on Interior design & architecture. At first, I started using these waste papers for making notepads and diaries for everyday sketching and other similar use. Previously, I used them for origami (making cranes, horses, flowers, etc) but it all ended up in garbage🙈 for I have a small space to store & showcase them. I also do make birthday cards ❤️for my close friends out of waste paper, which is so much fun, will share the images in other post. And now, I am exploring of what other ways I can recycle or most importantly reuse these sheets.🤔


Hope you like these mini artworks as much as I love them painting!😁

I would love to hear from you on how would you creatively reuse the waste paper so they won’t end up in the garbage or anything which calls for ‘Waste to Art’.

All ideas welcome! I still have a box full of sheets and I would love to make both art and craft from it. Looking forward to hear your crazy ideas. Simply leave a comment below.😊

Grazie e Arrivederci😊


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