color magic 2.0

Hey people!

Yet another set of my watercolor artwork is here😊……with a poetic essence.

First one is my favorite ‘the blue bicycle’🌾 

Imagine living a dream to cycle & wamder through the flower valleys and gazing those serene landscapes, under a light shade of soft moving clouds and the hues of falling leaves by the roadside🍃 🍂 ……letting the soul free just to smile and smile more to be happy again…to be a kid again…

Here comes the second one ‘Dandelions’🌾 with a beautiful poem by Suzy Kassem.

‘Hymn of the divine dandelion’

I am born as the Sun,

But then turn into the Moon,

As my blonde hairs turn grayish-white and fall to the ground,

Only to be buried again,

Then to be born again,

Into a thousand Suns and a thousand Moons.

                                                          -Suzy Kassem

Another one’s ‘a baby panda’……who doesn’t love pandas…

Panda is fluffy, white & black too.

I love them much and so do you.




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