through product concept designs

heyya! this time I have some of my product design works, inspired by things and colors I like to work with, which bring a charm to my own persona. These simply refresh my mind each time I am brainstorming with a design project. Check out my earlier post ‘a gift’ for the story behind the designs.

Here, I am sharing the concept boards which talk about my sense of style-

  1. my client persona- Meryl Streep in her 40’s
  2. kind of living space which defines her personality
  3. her lifestyle- be it food, travel or daily life
  4. the accessories which she would carry on gracefully


concept boards for blog.jpg
concept boards | 2016 | about ‘elegance & sophistication’

And here are some of my designs with their inspiration images. Each product can have a different shade of color from my palette of concept boards so these can be part of my client’s space & lifestyle. And here you get a glimpse of that illusion necklace from ‘a gift’.

product designs.jpg

Great! Wonderful experience this has been throughout the process of creating these designs. Simply, another gesture of my passion for design.

What inspires you in your little design world? Do share your views!



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