3 days Quote Challenge- “Day 01”

I got nominated for 3 days “quote” challenge by Ioana from musicteacherlifestyle. Once again thanks Ioana. So, I will be posting quotes that inspire me, for 3 consecutive days.

Rules are simple:

  • post 1-3 quotes for 3 consecutive days.
  • nominate & inform 3 fellow bloggers daily, to do the same each day.

Here are my 3 nominees for today:

  1. Chanel @ angel313
  2. Kelsey @ goldarrowdesigns
  3. Emmy @ lefoodninja

If you accept, spread the challenge!

So, today’s quotes are about ‘today‘, sounds funny!, actually it is about living the present, the very moment of your life.


source: kungfu panda, aquotes.net, quotesgram.com

smile today!…cry tomorrow!…& read this everyday!




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