ever tried blind contour drawing?

Hey there! This time I have some blind contour drawings for you guys.✏️

blind drawing scribblings | sep 2015

Have you ever tried drawing an object, without actually looking at the paper you are drawing on?

This is about understanding the power of ‘line’ as an element. Thanks to my wonderful Professor Neha, as she described it: The intention of the blind drawing is to understand the observed object without being overtly conscious of the eventual drawn image. You will notice, your blind drawing capture the essence of the object/space being observed. As blind drawings are done by a continuous line, the value/tone differences and the sense of depth is better translated through this mode of drawing.

Anyone can try out this technique, don’t worry about how you are at drawing. :)a must…must…try, you won’t believe me how much you’ll enjoy & kind of appreciate your blind drawings…😄😄you may laugh at them too…but remember to be proud of your work.
The idea is to start drawing with simpler objects like a book, a pen, a vase, or maybe the ceiling fan of your room, which I also did.

Simple, though it has 2 rules:

✏️Rule no. 1: remember to focus on the object you are drawing & not the sheet.

✏️Rule no. 2: you can’t lift the pen off the sheet, it should be a continuous line drawing.

✏️No cheating!😜 huh!

This is how my blind drawings of a chair came out to be.


c1      c3

likey👍🏻 or no likey👎🏻?

This came out to be one of the most interesting drawing style which I have done so far. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it & also drawing it yourself. Do share your thoughts & drawings on this.


6 thoughts on “ever tried blind contour drawing?

  1. I love the idea of blind contours, but I HATE doing them!! My professors have made us do blind contours as warm ups, which isn’t too bad, but I definitely prefer different exercises. Your drawings are really good! Mine always look like mush. Loved this post!!

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    1. Thanks Ellie, really happy to hear from you. At first even I was confused but the moment I did my first blind drawing (the featured image), I was very excited to try more of these drawing. The unknown outcome is what I enjoyed the most. Really wonderful reading your posts as well.

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  2. Blind contours are really fun! When I took my first drawing class back in primary school blind contours were the first activity the teachers has me do. Sometimes I do them now, especially if it’s a subject I’m “too” familiar with, as it helps me focus on observation a bit more.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy to hear from you. So true, it does help better our observation. I don’t remember my school days much but I have done these as part of my design basics subject in college. Good for decluttering our minds.


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