‘a gift’

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Hey! I am back with one of my designs that is close to my heart. This is a perfect design to start fresh after a long break for the exams. It is special for 2 reasons- one it being my very first diy jewellery design after so long, still remember the jewellery making box, we used to play in school & home- and second its design process.

Read along as I write about how it actually became ‘a gift’.🎁

It all started as a lifestyle product design. Studying my own design style and persona first…creating a mood board from whatever images I like the most and then working towards a client’s persona, who’s personality is defined through the client board. As I was looking for elegance & sophistication, I was suggested to choose Meryl Streep, I chose the personality of her in age of 40’s. It became more interesting while studying- the space she would live in- the kind of lifestyle that she would have- the kind of accessories she would have. I think I should take a break here or you know I would continue describing my design process. I think I’ll share these boards in detail in my next post, let’s spare this one for the gift.

Now focussing on ‘the GIFT- the necklace’, 🎁this is one of the lifestyle products which I designed being inspired by one of the images I chose. Finished with all my drawing work, 😜just being sarcastic, actually fighting with time, I was making this necklace just a day before The Mother’s Day. It has artificial pearls & glass beads glued over a mesh of metal wires held together with a clasp at back- kind of an illusion necklace- but it looks better with the wire showing. I kept on trying & adjusting it on myself, while making it.

I was getting messages from my close friends, asking me what I was gifting my mom on the Day…Scratching my head😧…Actually…roaming here & there thinking about the gift…I thought of cooking something for her🍕🍹🍝…laughing on myself😂😂!…as if I had time…huh!…ooooo! finally an idea striked my head :Dwhen I thought the necklace would be a perfect gift for my mom, on Mother’s Day!…am really a confused girl when it comes to gifting ideas. She really liked the necklace & tried it too. She was feeling shy posing for my blog, so I just went focussing on the necklace.

‘the inspiration image’
for blog-n2
the necklace | may’2016
for blog-n3
‘mom giving it a try’

It had 2 color options- 1. the basic pearl white & transparent with a sheen glass beads and 2. turquoise shade glass beads similar to the inspiration image.

It actually proved to be a project where I was able to know myself better and it surely did build up my self confidence- leading to a great gifting idea…will be making more jewellery designs from now on.

I hope you also enjoyed the design. Do share your views & more ideas on this.:)




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