it’s waste to art this time!

Last weekend, I was cleaning up, probably tried to declutter my pretty messed up table and cupboard, and found these empty plastic bottles which I kept for some silly project of mine- but never really worked on it! Leaving the ‘clean up my table’ mission, which is not done yet, I ended up utilising the time for this craft work.:)

This time I gave it a thought, why not to use them for some kind of craft thing instead of piling up my garbage bin.

So Thinking!!!……..Some more Thinking!!!!!!

A wall lamp or just a show piece or some kind of a little holder for my stationery????

Drawing over it using a pencil to figure out what it might become. Putting my little torch inside it to see the light effects……and so on. As I didn’t wanted it to be something technical, so I started cutting some random rings out off the yellow bottle, trying to figure out how to use them……I actually stapled them over a transparent bottle just to give it some quirky structure…..pretty happy with this idea…..I used the left bottom piece of yellow bottle & put my little paper flower with a rustic hand made pencil I got from a handicrafts fare few months ago…..Now time for carving through the big one……just scooped out a little curve from that white colour bottle……quite simple though but with an elegance…….

for blog img
my waste to art approach | 2016

I ended up making these table top stands for pencils, colours or pens and a card holder for storing all my loose cards and book marks may be. I can use them either on my table or place them inside my cupboard.

Finally enjoyed making these and did some photography practice too!!!

What would you make out of your waste containers?

Hope you enjoyed doing some craft work! Happy to hear from you all!


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