‘a magazine rack- of metal art’

for blog-01
‘magazine rack’-2016 | welded steel bars & nylon strings with diagonal knots for surface treatment

Another design product accomplished! I have been waiting for the moment, when I could share this design piece with you all. Before finding my inspiration, I was studying the architectural style, executed in Delhi and, specifically, furniture designs by the British Architect Edwin Lutyens.

A little about the Architect: He is one of the well known architects of 19th & 20th century. He is known for his creative adaptation of traditional architectural styles. Even today, in recognition to his contributions in designing & planning the New Delhi area, the place is also known as Lutyens Delhi. He started his career with Arts & Crafts style and during early 20th century his works became more Classical in style- of which Lutyen’s delhi is an example. Dominant structures, geometrical shapes, symmetry and showing off the actual materials and joints in furniture can be seen in his designs.

for blog-03
‘reference images- sandstone lamp post, joints in furniture and lozenge lantern by lutyens furniture & lighting company’

Now let us focus on what actually inspired me to take my design forward. The Lozenge Shape that the architect used a lot in his detailing. It might sound a little offbeat as Lutyens is known for his architectural expressions than simply lighting or furniture designs.

The Lamp posts along the roadside of Lutyens delhi + the Lozenge Lantern by Lutyens Furniture and Lighting company, have been an inspiration for this table top rack which can be used for putting all your magazines and books. The Lozenge form has been used both in elevation & plan view of the rack. It’s a balance between the symmetry & asymmetry of the object.

for blog-05
‘some concept scribbles | welded steel bars with nylon strings for surface treatment’

A kinda see through object made out of steel bars welded together. Only 2 surfaces have been treated using a nylon net created using simple overhand knots of any colour. I used an orange colour nylon string. The design can change with time- just use different colour strings on different surfaces to get a new rack design eachtime.

‘the diagonal knots for surface treatment’

Feel free to write a comment or any feedback on the designs are most welcome!

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