‘doing some furniture designing’

I always wondered how much hardwork a designer puts in her designs for getting the theme, the concept, the lines, the colour, all the visuals together. It is just a part of the process where one is a dreamer, sketching the ideas on paper and working towards living that dream into reality, working together with a craftsman who applies his skills to help us bring our designs to life. This particular project made me realise my own potential to bring a vague idea to live- from paper to an actual product.

It all started with a project brief- a chair inspired by Star Wars. It had an unrealistic structure at first when I got inspired by the architecture of the natural environment pictured in the movie- the domical structures on the Tatooine planet and the lines depicted in interior of the death star. One of the sketch which I took forward for my final design- it was like a pretty decent outcome with the first attempt.

‘playing with lines’

Then it was time to get the design drafted with an idea of all arches and lines measured and drawn out and taking a feedback from the professor (a furniture designer himself). It all went very well, now it was time for detailing out the joints in the chair. I never knew a simple chair can have so many joints and this was a complex design with about 24 joints in wood. It mostly has mortise & tenon joints- one of the strongest joints in furniture. The final measured drawing of the chair was drafted out with a 3D visual, which had to be given to the carpenter for preparing a prototype. Below is the 3D visual of what the final design looks like. I had various material ideas for the final design. For this prototyping, it is made in wood and finished in dark walnut polish and upholstered in leatherite- to get that visual impact as the concept had.

for blog1
‘understanding the scale of the chair’

It is 5ft in height with a total of 8 legs and 5 arches. I will be posting the final prototype image shortly.

Feel free to give feedbacks or any query if you have regarding the design.


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