‘working with paper is so much fun’


‘paper lamp’- 2012 | paper folding technique

The moment I see a waste piece of paper by my side, I always tend to fold it-cut it-twist it-or even crush it sometimes, to form different set of textures, surfaces, products, and many more. A paper lamp, this exercise had been a great exploration in paper folding technique as an extension of my love for origami in my leisure time.

It was designed as part of a design studio in my college. But it soon became a part of my lifestyle product range, just like a DIY lamp with just 3 components- paper, light source and a cardboard base. It works on the principles of a folded plate structure and paper was the easiest material which favored the structure. It is made out of 2 sheets of cartridge paper. It involved lot of trials and errors of how to get the desired result in paper. The final outcome may be used as a table or wall lamp. It may even by folded to keep safe for my next occasion. This is still part of my interior space and I generally use it for occasions like on a new year or a party at home.

Feel free to contact me, for any feedback or more to know about the project.

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