music through my paint brush

music n art
‘painting music’- 2011 | ink on paper

This artwork is an outcome of listening to 2 different music styles while painting. It was part of the process which started with choosing the music and portraying all of it on sheets of paper, and then overlapping them to create this melange of music. Quite a lot of fun as I remember, also needed a lot of patience to get the neat lines. I couldn’t recall the name of the song but the tones were instrumental- on one side it was electric guitar and other an Indian classic. Lines being one of the simplest form of expression, depict a lot about the aura of the music. Music unwinds the mind and this is a expression of my inner-self through lines. Be it the hardness of jagged lines (listening an electric guitar) or the smoothness of the curved lines (listening an Indian classic)- when put together proved to be in a visual harmony.

‘overlapping stage-1 drawings’

The initial drawings which were then overlapped and traced to form the final pattern.


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